Life’s Affirmations

How do you believe, so shell you become .

Book from Napoleon hill named Think and grow rich ( rich in your soul, rich in you heart, wealth in knowledge, wealth in financial status ) the thing is , the writer of the book didn’t say ”work you ass of all your life” but, think and grow rich. Most people work hard, bu they don’t think hard and don’t believe hard.

Believe is a state of mind, a philosophy that walk you trough life, in anything in life, if you want to achieve, you have to believe in that first in order to get it. Use the affirmations for success for health, for faith that you can find in almost any book , the most famous book of old and we all know what that book is a Bible, there you can find the meaning of life, the faith and the guidance if you wish. Not so long ago i was a different and i didn’t believe in the affirmations ,before i did not believe in ‘belief’ , i taught all that is full of rubbish. Hmm but ones you find yourself in the situation that you need some kind of believe , that you need some kind of power that you need a guidance,ones you find yourself powerless , that time you need to let go of your stupid narrow view of the life, that small key hole that you look the life trough. And that’s the time you have to believe something better will come along , that you deserve for what you have work for all your life. That there is something greater in this life. We are all here to serve one another.

I will give you some writers that you can look for in the book stores: napoleon hill, joseph murphey , norman vincent peale…there are some of the writers that will change your life. And i advise you to look for them.

Remember this affirmation when you find yourself strangled by the jaws of life : God is guiding me, God is protecting me, god is with me. If God is with me, who can stand against me.

By Milos Crnogorcevic Instagram: @milos22onlinept @milosonlinept


My new beginning: Fit for life

Here is the big challenge of life : you can have more then you’ve  got because you can become more then you are. Other side of the coin is, unless you change who you are, you will always have what you got.

Beside to be physically fit we have to be mentally fit as well, to face the “music“ every day on your work, with  your family, friends, relationship. We have to be strong, to develop a strong mind and mental attitude. Every day we gonna face the “problems“ but they always will be a“problem“ unless you change your approach to them.

The “problem is not a problem, the problem is your attitude to the problem“. So we have to find something that will give our minds different approach, so instead of the problem, call it a challenge , what ever happens in your life it happens for a reason, no matter how hard the life hit you, and it will, the outcome will be how do you handle it and how do you see it. Every problem changes man, in a good way, unless you have problem/challenge we would never grow as a person. Be a spirit that never quits and never stops no matter how hard it is. If you believe it you will achieve it.

  Don’t wish it was easier , wish you are better.

Don’t look for safety and security in life, but ask for adventure. Better to live 30 years full of adventures then 100 years safe in the corner.

don’t try to understand things in life they just happen, it just a mystery of life, don’t over think how life it could be, but instead , live your life and create it by your design and will. Dont just cross your fingers and hope for the better tomorrow , get up and change the things that you want, and change things that you don’t like.

Change your attitude towards life, and i promise you, your life will change. Dont be scared to have change in your life, take it as a challenge for growth.

Never Complain and never explain.

Bible word called Murmuring,

In any sphere of life if you complain about the things , those things will be twice more harder for you, and i am pro on this because i  experience that in first hand. I complain about everything, about the weather, high prices, politics, neighbors etc You name it. Until i discovered IF I DON’T CHANGE, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. So i start to reed spiritual books , positive thinking books, subconscious mind books. And it change my life for good. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT people, remember,

Work more on yourself then you do on your job.

My advice to you is, just get strong get better! “Character is a quality that embodies many important traits, such as integrity, courage, perseverance, confidence and wisdom. Unlike your fingerprints that you are born with and can’t change, character is something that you create within yourself and must take responsibility for changing.”

Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.”

By Milos Crnogorcevic @milosonlinept Instagram : @milos22onlinept

The Power of Attitude

Attitude means a way of looking at things or point of view. Attitude is a reflection, our attitude to life determines life’s attitude to us. … Successful people have a good attitude towards themselves, they expect to succeed more than they fail. They expect more good things in life than bad.

Having a negative attitude is harmful to you and to the people around you. The longer you have a negative outlook on life and yourself, the harder it may be to change that attitude. But if you are willing to change the way that you view the world and yourself, then there are several things that you can do. You can start by examining your attitude about the world and about yourself, then start looking for little ways to improve your outlook, and then work to correct some of the major problems that you have with the world and with yourself.

Why Your Attitude Is Everything :

One of the most important steps you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you.

The loudest and most influential voice you hear is your own inner voice, your selfcritic. It can work for or against you, depending on the messages you allow. It can be optimistic or pessimistic. It can wear you down or cheer you on. You control the sender and the receiver, but only if you consciously take responsibility for and control over your inner conversation.

Habitual bad attitudes are often the product of past experiences and events. Common causes include low self-esteem, stress, fear, resentment, anger and an inability to handle change. It takes serious work to examine the roots of a harmful attitude, but the rewards of ridding ourselves of this heavy baggage can last a lifetime.

Challenge your existing beliefs: If you believe the world is a bad place, you will probably tend to have a negative attitude. As such, if you can work on changing your beliefs about the world, your attitude will likely follow suit.

  • Also remember that beliefs tend to be quite subjective and there are multiple ways of looking at the same thing. So, try to look for evidence that runs contrary to the belief that you hold.
  • For example, if you believe the world is a bad place, you might spend a couple hours researching all the ways in which people help each other in times of need.

Examine your ideas about the world : Your negative ideas about the world may cause you to act a certain way and this can determine the outcome of some situations. Your negative ideas may even start to take the form of predictions and, each time one of your predictions comes true, your negative views are reinforced. This is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • An example of a self-fulfilling prophecy is if you think that the world is a cold, mean place and so you are cold and mean to people. As a result, people may be cold and mean to you in return. You might then interpret their actions as being in line with your view of the world, which reinforces your attitude.

Take responsibility for your attitude: You have a lot of control over the way you think about the world. Try to keep that in mind and use it to your advantage. Ultimately, you are responsible for your attitude and cannot blame how you think on others or on your situation.

  • Remember that although you may not be able to change your circumstances sometimes, you can still change how you react to them by adopting one kind of attitude over another.

By Milos Crnogorcevic

Instagram: @milos22onlinept @milosonlinept

Reasons why we can’t Succeed

I think this topic consider us all, from the young ones all the way to the adults in there late age. This topic is very special because is constant it is always changing and it is always present in our life. So let me share some of my taught and researches and experience in my life and experience of other people, maybe you can find something that will help you to move one.

I used to think that intelligence and a strong work ethic were all you needed to be successful. But it turns out that’s not always true. Yes, both are important, but they aren’t a guarantee for success in life. A number of other factors come into play.

1. They don’t reach out to new people.

Let’s face it:

It’s easy to stick to people you’ve known for a long time. You know each other’s histories and can laugh at inside jokes together.

While old friends are great to have, getting to meet new people is equally as important.

Staying nearby familiar people means that the same ideas are recycled over and over again, and you don’t get to learn new perspectives outside of your bubble.

2. They can’t adapt to new situations.

A change in environment, whether it’s a change in circumstances or events, means that there’s a sudden need to adapt. Sometimes being in the same environment for a long time means it’s hard to suddenly make the best of a different situation.

The good news is that changes are also a chance for opportunities and innovation.

Instead of resisting changes, see how you can make the best of them and allow them to work for you. Be open to new concepts and curious about the world around you.

Maybe there’s a new business opportunity or a life-changing event around the corner. I like to use the Page Turner technique to keep myself motivated to learn new things.

3. They don’t take calculated risks.

There are two types of risks:

  • Blind risks, where something is done simply to seek thrill or excitement with a potentially long-term disastrous effect.
  • Calculated risks, where there is potential loss, but the upside is great and could be life-changing.

I think we can both agree that calculated risks are what we’re aiming for.

Smart people often opt for neither, though, because they choose to follow the safe route. They might follow the same path as their peers or choose a career because it’s considered acceptable by everyone else.

While there’s a degree of security in doing so, it also means that there’s less chance of achieving great success by branching out.

4. They think they deserve success because of their credentials.

People that worked hard in school frequently have an impressive alma mater, numerous achievements, and high grades. They’re used to being at the top and told about their potential.

All these things can feel good, but they also have a detrimental effect. I’ve heard people claim they deserve something because of their intelligence or where they went to school.

They expect things to pan out automatically because of their credentials. Sadly, though, life doesn’t work like that.

In the real world, results matter. Getting results means that there is hard work, strategic thinking, and some luck involved. You can increase that last factor by working on the first two.

5. They always chase the next big thing.

One thing I hear often from high achievers is that they hate wasting time. Smart people are all too aware of the value of their time, as time and effort spent on one thing means that they could potentially be missing out on something else.

While this is a strong attribute, it also leads to a bad habit of chasing the next big thing and not following through. Starting out in any field or endeavor is tough, and getting through the initial obstacles requires patience.

Focusing effort on one goal yields much better results in the long run than going after one thing, getting bored, and then going after something new.

6. They can’t commit to a decision.

Being smart and working hard can open up numerous doors. People normally see this as a good thing, but it can be as restricting as having few choices.

An abundance of choices makes it difficult to decide what to do. As a result, it’s tempting to jump around and “see what suits you.” I knew someone who attended numerous graduate school programs, one after another. Over 10 years later, she still can’t figure out what to do.

Rather than dabbling in many endeavors, I suggest testing things out first. Talk to other people and do the research before making a decision, so that you know whether or not an option suits your personality and lifestyle.

7. They don’t believe in their capabilities.

Surprisingly, smart people can underestimate their own abilities. They are their own worst critic, causing them to believe that they can’t accomplish as much as they can.

Smart people have high standards when it comes to their work. Whenever they work on a project, they tend to scrutinize and second-guess the final product.

This seems like a good thing on the surface, but it’s often more debilitating than helpful. Perfectionism can hinder people from progressing forward in their goals or starting on anything in the first place.

So instead of letting fears of “what if” or “I’m not good enough” keep you back from something new, just try it out. Getting started beats aiming for perfect every time.

My experience: I was trying my ”best” to succeed but it comes with great cost of my stress and time that i was putting in on not important staff. You have to realize and to be sure you are not wasting your time on minor things and not important things for your personal growth. First and most important step is to believe as i mention that in each of my blogs is to BELIEVE in what are you doing and to have clear picture in your head where you are going and outcome of that path. Tools to use in that life path is your personal growth, you don’t have to be with collage degree to have abundance in your life that’s not important but what it is important is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT reed the books as much as you cant make it a habit and you will see your life how it will change for good. Think big and fail often, don’t move from your path stay humble have believe in yourself and in God .

By: Milos Crnogorcevic @milosonlinept Insta: @milos22onlinept

The power of will

“The will is not just ‘a’ power, but all power that exists. How did God create the world? With Will.

When we want to bring the meaning of willpower and its true application back on track, we first have to come to terms with the goal of life. Why are we human? Because we decided, in the gray pre-existence, to become gods and goddesses. In order to accomplish this, we had to enroll in this “Earth University” to get to know the laws of life through experience, and through experience over time to perfectly apply them, and thus, to gain mastery over energy and matter (which is just a condensed form of energy). All the stories of magicians who could transform a desert into a carpet of flowers with a mere snap of the fingers, unleash storms or make boulders as light as feathers are distorted imaginings of what humans one day actually will be able to do – things that they never actually will do, since, in order to achieve this mastery, they will first have had to become beings of perfected love who work in perfected wisdom. And that love is, of course, never complacent or sensational, does not seek to impress, and certainly does not satisfy the base curious unbeliever.

How do you get will and what is it made of?

Will is a muscle that we need to nurture and develop. Here are four ways to become more aware of your own will and how to make it strong and well defined.

1. Self-Confidence

A direct correlation with will is the belief that what you think or do matters.

Self-confidence is primarily developed from two areas in life. The first is by experiencing love. If you feel loved and accepted, you naturally see yourself as whole and healthy and exude confidence about life.

The other way to build self-confidence is through success.

Think about a young child learning to ride a bicycle. As he gets the hang of holding the handlebars, balancing and pedaling, his confidence soars. Once he has mastered bike riding, he may then be more willing to try other similar sports like skateboarding or rollerblading.

What have you experienced success in that has propelled you into greater endeavors?

When you feel confident, it’s easy to try new things and exert your will.

2. Desire

Willpower is easily associated with desire. Think about it like this — desire is the fuel that propels will.

Because, let’s face it, if you want something, it’s much easier to put in the effort and the work.

People talk a lot about willpower when it comes to losing weight. If you’re desire to be healthy is strong and you have good motivation (desire) it’s easier to delay gratification, to listen to your body, to get up and go for a run and to make healthy choices.

But you have to really want it.

Desire and will show up in many forms.

I know a young woman who loves to swim and has swum competitively for years. She annually attends state meets, and often wins her events.


She is dedicated to her sport and to pushing herself to be the best that she can be.

How is she able to do this? Because she has desire — she wants it. She has the will to succeed.

3. Ability

Will and ability go hand in hand.

Often, when I look to undergo a project, the first thing I have to ask myself is am I willing?

Then I ask, do I have the desire to undertake this task?

The third question is, do I believe I have the skills to succeed?

If the answer is no, don’t be deterred because we often need to learn new skills or get help when striving to succeed.

If that’s the case, are you willing to ask for help and get the support you need to take on this task?

I believe we can do anything that we set our minds to — if we want it badly enough. Everything can be figured out.

4. Perseverance

It’s easy to think about willpower as being directly connected to perseverance, that dogged trait of not giving up. Of getting up even when you don’t want to, of showing up even when you’re afraid.

How do we foster perseverance?

Like with everything, practice.

In some ways, procrastination is the opposite of perseverance and when I find myself wanting to avoid, I remember Robert Holden’s words on my Success Now calendar: “Procrastinate tomorrow.”

Willpower is doing it anyway — even when you want to give up, even when it gets hard, or uncomfortable or scary.

It’s about following through until the task/job/meet is completed. It’s about staying focused, keeping your eyes on the prize and moving toward the goal line.

Will is a powerful key to living a successful life. It can propel you into new endeavors and help you stretch yourself with people, places and projects.

Becoming more aware of how will works in your life and strengthening that muscle can yield you amazing results!

Will power is what keep you move on what keeps you a live. There is no greater force on earth then will power. You don’t have to be the best in what you do in life, but if you have that spark that edge of WILL there is no limits what the person can do, in each sphere of life. Each of us come on this planet to do something great in life spend each of us have purpose, find your purpose and make it happen.

By Milos Crnogorcevic @milosonlinept

The power of Habit

Habit. From habeo, to have, as the Greek  equivalent ἔξις from ἔχω. Habit means a permanent though in many matters acquired state, and is opposed to διάθεσις, disposition. The latter is temporary and can be removed with comparative ease, the former permanent and removable with difficulty. Thus the state of accidental intoxication constitutes but a diathesis, continual drunkenness a habit.

A ‘habit’ or hexis for Aristotle is a kind of ‘second nature,’ an acquired power: like human ‘nature’ itself, a habit is a determinate power to act in a specific way” (Randall 254). Habits can foster the good life by cultivating virtue and by molding the passions to feel pleasure and pain in the right ways.

We usually make a clear distinction between good and bad habits: How and to what extent can bad habits be broken and, conversely, how can we develop and strengthen good habits?

Since our habits, as embodied sets of behavioral patterns and schemes, operate in most cases (although not necessarily) beneath the level of awareness, the first step to take in order to change them is to bring them back to consciousness. According to Michel Proust, the arts are a powerful resource to “to bring us back into contact with the reality of life, by abolishing habits”. What is the potential of literature, theater and – with an eye to contemporary arts – virtual art installations and virtual immersive environments to make us aware of our habits.

Scholars in the environmental sciences and in sociology of the environment today realize that there is “an urgent need for a robust theory of consumption that addresses how habits form, how they change and how policy can contribute to the formation of new habits that are less environmentally intrusive” . What is an ‘environmental habit’ and why is it important?

How and to what extent practices such as meditation and mindfulness, which enjoy today increasing popularity, can help us “grasp” our habits of thinking and acting (including our environmental habits)? Indeed, “no act of cognition is going to change” our habits; “awareness of habit has to be cultivated at the level of sensations, feelings, and involuntary thoughts. This kind of awareness is deliberately  cultivated in certain therapeutic and spiritual exercises” such as, for example, Buddhist meditation techniques and mindfulness techniques.

How to discipline your hobbits :

my own experience started when i was very young. I start to practice martial arts at the age of 12 till this very day in the age of 30th. The habit or now the lifestyle led me to accomplish amazing things in life like, believe in myself , self-discipline, honor , respect, self-learning. These things such as habit is amazing tool to create and beauty about it it is never too late. For example, before i very rarely i reed a books, maybe now and then if there is some topic to interest me, but since i found my breakthrough in life and i wanted to change my self i started to reed books and i accomplished so far to make it in habit, and soon it will be my life style. I started 15min per day to reed a book, then i increased in time 30min a day, and now i make it a habit after 1 year i am reading a book 1-2h per day and that is a must, why ? Well because i don’t feel very educated if i don’t, i feel very low if i don’t educate myself and reed a book . So my advice for you is if you want to make something out of yourself start with small things and continue until you reach a big things and make it as Habit.

Milos Crnogorcevic @milosonlinept

The philosophy of FEAR

As human beings, the greatest gift we have at our disposal can also be the greatest weapon—words. We can heal ourselves, others, and the world with words; yet they can also be used in a destructive manner. Because of the pressure of living in the world cultures that we have been raised in, we have mimicked and learned dysfunctional and entirely inappropriate ways of relating, not only with others but also with ourselves. Most of us are unaware that the ways in which we relate are entirely distorted and unnatural.

We have been conditioned from birth, by the environment and its dysfunctional systems, to hook into a fear-based mentality and react. Generally, most cultures of the world exist in survival mode, in a pattern of fight or flight, which is a react and defend mentality. A healthy way of relating is when we are free to express our true feelings without fear, when we speak from the heart and communicate honestly, are emotionally stable, and are able to respond instead of react.

What it means to be fearless ?

Designing a Fearless Life doesn’t mean all your fears will disappear. Designing a Fearless Life and attitude means you will boldly move in the direction of your fears until you overcome them.

How can I train my mind to overcome fear?

Here are some of the ways to take control.

  1. Reed Books

2. Don’t figure things out by yourself.

    3. Be real with how you feel.

    4. Be OK with some things being out of your control.

    5. Practice self-care.

    6. Be conscious of your intentions.

    7. Focus on positive thoughts.

   8. Practice mindfulness.

    9. Train your brain to stop the fear response.

10. Believe

How do I stop worrying ?

Rather than trying to stop or get rid of an anxious thought, give yourself permission to have it, but put off dwelling on it until later. Don’t think of what it could go wrong, think of what it could go right in life.

   1. Reed Books

   2. Create a “worry period.” Choose a set time and place for worrying.

    3. Write down your worries.

    4. Go over your “worry list” during the worry period  and sort them one by one.

5. Believe

How Do I Stop overthinking?

We humans have power to change one taught for another, you have to train yourself when you come to the moment of overthinking, immediately change your state of mind and think of something else. Don t dwell on the problem. Breath in and breath out, and let the things pass trough you.

  1. Reed books
  2. Here’s the 4 step process I’ve used to stop overthinking
  3. Raise your awareness throughout the day. Always realize that too much thinking defeats the      purpose.
  4. When you raise awareness, immediately start observing your thoughts.
  5. Only limit your thinking to specific moments that you need it.
  6. Enjoy your life!

My Experience :

As you can see i have put in every chapter 1st to reed books. So important for younger generations and still of course adults. If you ask me why, well, simple because you don’t want to be “hurt”. Personal development is very important specially in this chapter.

I use to be afraid of almost anything , i was afraid to lose my job, to be kick out of the apartment i was afraid to go to work because there was a lot of stress there waiting for me, i was afraid to go outside with my car (someone can hit me a log the way ) etc. And fear just was just getting started in my mind to develop more and more, until i got blood pressure and heart problems. And then i said to my self , all of this, for what ? I am 30 year old man in great fitness condition i have everything a man can wanted except my health because i was afraid of everything and i was overthinking about every single thing.

I use to say “what if this happens, what if that happen and on top of that if this was to happen wow ” and little by little i add my fear on anything , i was stooping my self to be human to explore to learn to Evolve. I didn’t want to take a risk on anything, everything was very risky for me. Until i discovered its all risky, getting married is risky , having children is risky , getting job is risky , having family is risky, Its all risky.

Let me tell you how life risky is, you will not get out of it alive that’s risky 🙂

So make sure you don’t over think, on end of the day sun will set on all of us. And thank the god you are here on this earth do live it, and wake up each morning. I start to reed more books about philosophy of life, about success, about thinking, behaving and i reed every book i could lay my hands on. The books will make you rich, rich in wealth, rich in your soul and that is most important. I strongly recommend this books #power of subconscious mind by @JosephMurphy . This book help me a lot and i believe it will help you as well, how to overcome and how to move on in your life. Don t live in the past like i made mistakes, live in the present , don’t dwell on the past and mistakes you did, they are behind you and they are only lessons nothing more. But also don’t live in the future, that mins you are anxious , be in harmony within yourself reed books, believe in yourself , and i promise you, there is nothing that you cant accomplish.

“as you think, so shell you become”

Milos Crnogorcevic @milosonlinept

Self Discipline

Suffer The Pain Of Discipline Or The Pain Of Regret. Sport And Fitness Creative Motivation Vector Design Poster. Gym Banner Concept On Grunge Background

Self discipline, Temperance is subdivided into self-control, discipline and modesty. … Discipline is the fundamental action, mindset and philosophy which keeps one in a routine and making progress towards whatever one is pursuing. Stoicism cultivates iron will in anyone who adheres to its teachings.

What is self discipline ?

Self discipline is the ability you have to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and do what is right. An example of self discipline is when you make sure you get up an hour early before work each day to get to the gym. Your Dictionary definition and usage example.

10 Powerful Ways to Master Self-Discipline

1. Know your weaknesses

2. Remove temptations

3. Set clear goals and have an execution plan

4. Build your self-discipline

5. Create new habits by keeping it simple

6. Eat often and healthy

7. Change your perception about willpower

8. Give yourself a backup plan

9. Reward yourself

10. Forgive yourself and move forward

11. Reed the books

For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards. That’s one of life’s great arrangements. If you sow well, you will reap well. Life is full of laws that both govern and explain behaviors, but the law of sowing and reaping may well be the major law. Decide what you want and what you want to accomplish, take a little time, and decide . If the future is clear, the price is easier to pay. Make promise to your self and start the journey in your life, and start now. Set the goals that will make something out of you , that you will change for good. What it is important is what you will become.

Milos Crnogorcevic @milosonlinept