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Milos Crnogorcevic

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Hi, my name is Milos I am Born again Christian. I am coming from Montenegro. Currently living and working in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi for about 6 years. I work as Police and Military trainer at the police academy. I am a personal trainer as well, and a martial artist Kyokushinkai black belt. I study Hospitality college for working in and managing Hotels, but somehow my life never brings me to stay in that field of work. But since I was in the sport of martial arts I was always highly disciplined, so I worked as a personal trainer and martial artist in different Dojo. Until God provided me a job as a police trainer in Abu Dhabi. This is my short testimony: I come to UAE – Abu Dhabi in 2016th and since then, my life was full of stress and I could not handle different cultures and ways. Since I am from Montenegro, our people by large are completely different, with a completely different mentality and lifestyle. For long years I was reading books like self-help books, but they did not help me at all with my stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. But my life completely changed in 2019 when I was reborn and when I met Jesus Christ our Lord. I submit myself to him, and I said, God, in all my efforts to live this life on earth I am still not satisfied and I, am not secured, so I let go of my pride that I need help. And I submitted myself to our lord and savior. It took me a long time and prayers from my wife to bring me closer to the Lord, to trust him more, and to love him more. He change my life completely, I have no more worries or fears besides fear of the Lord with the greatest respect and love for him. And my life now has a completely new meaning and purpose. By the Grace of God only I am a new creation and I want to help people, average people who had the same issue as I did, as much as I can. I wanted to spread the word of God and one of the ways is through my Blog site. Cornerstone – Personal Development is a big part of my new creation, where I am writing about my personal experience and the testimonials from other people. It is about personal development and growth, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. But the Cornerstone – Foundation of every theme would be the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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