It is NOT about you

Jeremiah 9:23 This is what the Lord says: “let not the wise boast of their wisdom, or the strong boast of their strength, or the rich boast of their riches.

A suit does not mean you are a Man, or that you are important. In the culture that everything is evolving about you, but do you really think that ALL is about you? Do you think that weather is depended on you and is sunny or rainy because of you!? Or, do you think that time on this earth is evolving about you? Do you think that country leaders are thinking and making business plans based on you? Do you think that traffic lights are signaling only for you?

It is very counter-cultural to think or to say out loud that “It is not about me”. And there is nothing wrong with that. Because the entire world is telling you, all the music, movies, games, culture, schools, etc. That everything is about you. ” Think about yourself, you are in the first place, first secure yourself, if they can’t understand me ill go my way, I know what’s best for me, etc. ” Does this all sound familiar? There is a statistic done in the US that shows that in one household there are 1.7 people who can live together. that means not even 2 persons can live together in normal life. The one and only book that is exposing the modern degeneration of human character is the Bible. And I can tell you that it is one hundred percent right. Human beings thinking only of themselves. The human soul is an arrogant and egoistic part of you and it is our job to control that part of us.

Soul has three main functions :

  1. Will
  2. instinct
  3. Emotions

The soul expresses itself like this :

  1. ” I want “
  2. ” I think “
  3. ” I feel “

The dangerous part of this is selfishness, living life only for yourself. Even if someone is married, these things can overtake a person if they are not in control of themselves, something else will take control of you.So, be alert always.

There are 3 core problems nowadays :

  1. love of self
  2. love of money
  3. love of pleasure

As long there are these three things involved in your life, these things will be in control of your life and not you. And they are very dangerous because it is one of the common causes of family breakups, marriage problems, depression, anxiety, fear of the future, fear of rejection. All kinds of fear, fear is very real and it’s personal, it can become personal, and it can rule your life if you let it.

Try to be better always. In the Bible is written, ” be holly, just as your Heavenly Father is “. It is not written, “try to be holly”, but BE holly. So do good to one another, don’t just try every time to return evil for evil. Small acts of kindness will not go unnoticed. Open doors for a stranger, help your neighbor next door and throw trash for them. Don’t let the world consumes you and make you part of it, to have machine minds and machine hearts, you are not a machine, you are a man. The best example in the world of unselfish love and sacrifice, mercy, gentleness, kindness, is Jesus Christ who gives himself for us all. As he did that, as a Christian you are bound to be good to one another. It is not about you, but about serving others to make others better, and believe me, the reward will be greater than if you receive anything else. That is how you build your confidence, humility, and compassion for your fellow man. Be kind, even when no one is looking. Pull somebody else up, help them to develop their personality and character, knowledge. And the way to go UP is to serve people in the best way you can do. Be of service.

Note: Feel free to comment and share. And if you have any questions you can contact me on several social media platforms. For any suggestions and ideas, or even problems that you have and you would like me to write about, I would be more than happy to.

Stay safe, God bless.

Published by Milos Crnogorcevic

My name is Milos, and I am in martial arts for 20 years, my biggest hobby is book reading and study. I love to help people with things that I write, about life, fitness, and personal development, and faith. If I can help just one person to be better I already change the world.

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