Personal Development : How to change your life ?

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you Going.

What it takes to change your life ? Put GOD first in averything you do.

If person want to change something in there life no matter how small or how big that is , he or she must take action, action-pronto, action-Now , action- immediately . When the feelings are strong and the idea is hot.

It is not easy to change life, but it has to start with believe, believe in the power of God in you, believe in yourself , motivate yourself always, because there is no other motivation but personal motivation, if you don’t have strong feelings about what you want to do, you just might forget what you want,and your visions, your goals.

I am here to clear that vision, that goal for you, to make you see, to make you believe in yourself that it is possible, To always be hungry for achieving your fitness goals, your life goals, your financial goals , any kind of goals that you have set in your mind , it will be possible for you, but it has to start with BELIEVE .

I start to change my life when i hit the rock bottom with my spiritual and emotional state. I was empty. I was exhausted, i was tired from everything, fake smiles, fake people , fake friendships, fake messages, fake news that media feeding us all. I was Tired. I had no place to go. Then one sunny morning, something woke me up from my bed, before i didn’t know what it was but i know now. It was the inner voice that God spoke within me, he said Get up and make your own bed, and learn. I was thinking someone send a “note” on a wrong address. Sure enough, i get up and i start to read some books Spiritual books from norman vincet peal and Joseph murphy a writer with extraordinary ability to bring you a beautiful side of faith in God. One led to another i both another book and another, and i start to read like crazy, and i realize the key is in the BOOKS (personal growth ). Since that morning last year 2019, till now i have in my library more then 250 books, and plan is to read them all. So nothing will change , if YOU and your view and your emotions,and your believe system and your values CHANGE. So the key is YOUUU! I could lay back to my worm bed and role over and continue sleeping , but i decided to change myself for good. And if I can do it, you can do it as well. GOD give each and every one of us talents, some we will never be discovered because we are consumed with money, some talents will be discovered and you will know you are born for that. But if you don’t search for GOD and if you don’t look for him, you will have difficult times in your life. But you have to remember that he will never leave you, nor forsake you. What you need is to be STILL and BELIEVE that he is doing wonders in your life, even when the wonders don’t come when you expect them, not in your time, but in his time.


Morning routine is very important it separates pros from the amateurs, it separates dedicated from the ones that are not serious enough to work on their goals.

You have to plan your mornings your days and your months in order to achieve your goals. Put all your vision and goals on the paper and stay focus, because this is the only way that goals can work. Planed discipline, will help you to achieve anything you want, and there is the key, most of the people don’t know how to set the basic planes for the next three months , six months or a year plans.

Basic fitness training and goals are like life, you have to have a vision and where you want to be, if you have to lose weight then do it, not starting from tomorrow but start right now, or at the worst ASAP. But don’t lose your Focus.

This is the way and the easiest way to set your goals in life as well as in fitness are ( fat lose,weight lose, muscle building ETC ) :

The 5 Principles of Goal-Setting Are:

  Clarity: Goals need to be clear and easily understood in order for them to be most effective.

    Challenge: Good goals have a high enough level of difficulty that you actually have to push yourself in order to achieve them.

    Commitment: Without a high level of commitment, it’s difficult to achieve any goal, especially those that are somewhat challenging.

    Feedback: You need to be able to receive information about how well you are progressing toward your goal. This information can be used as a motivator, or it may signal that your goal is either too easy or too challenging and needs to be adjusted.

    Task Complexity: The more complex a goal is, the more time you need to give yourself to achieve it. Good goals don’t have to be complex, but understanding how.

When looking at SMART goals, it’s important to understand goal setting theory, not only to provide some basis for the idea that setting good goals is beneficial but also to show the ways in which SMART goals help you fulfill its principles.

Start simple but effective , put it on the paper and work on it, what ever your goals are, you can achieve it.


The fitness and sports mentality , takes a lot of work and dedication, strong will. To woke up every morning and work on your goals, your dreams. If your goal is to loss 5kg or 10kg , then start right now. There is no time to waist , this God given body that we took for granted should be used for high purpose, to evolve mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, to reach the highest form of human evolution.

If you don’t like the way you look then change it, if you don’t like your work change it, if you don’t like where you live change it, you’re not a tree 🙂 Yes it is risky, yes it will be tiring, yes you will have sleepless mornings, but the results that you gonna have will be addictive and it will change your life from the Root.

“Don’t be afraid to failed, if you haven’t try then you haven’t lived”

The beauty about it is that you can change any time you want and you don’t have to be same ever again, able by choice!

As we go in the New Year, you are perhaps one of the many who have resolved to commit to a healthier life style this time around. I commend you for choosing to be healthier. It is not an easy feat. As early as now, consider us here at Develop Good Habits as avid supporters in your quest for good health finding the time to work out or to learn a new exercise regimen, can be challenging. In fact, a research done in 2019 revealed that almost 75% of people who set keeping fit as their New Year’s resolution tend to quit before they see results .The main reason people cannot follow through ,and accomplish their resolutions is that they become discouraged because they’re doing it alone. They lack the support network necessary to realize a goal. In any undertaking, especially a new one, doing it with someone can increase the chance of success. Get a friend or a personal trainer or someone with a same goal,that will go to the gym with you or convince a friend to start a new weight-loss program with you. But again you have to BELIEVE in your progress, visualize the outcome that is already yours. STRONG BELIEVE INDEED CAN MOVE THE MOUNTAINS.

No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable that was God given ” –socrates


 Self-discipline, Temperance is subdivided into self-control, discipline and modesty. … Discipline is the fundamental action, mind-set and philosophy which keeps one in a routine and making progress towards whatever one is pursuing. Stoicism cultivates iron will in anyone who adheres to its teachings.

What is self-discipline  ?

Self-discipline is the ability you have to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and do what is right. An example of self-discipline is when you make sure you get up an hour early before work each day to pray, or go to run outside, or go to the gym or write your journal .

Powerful Ways to Master Self-Discipline :



3. Read books

4.Remove temptations

5. Set clear goals and have an execution plan

6. Build your self-discipline

7. Create new habits by keeping it simple

8. Eat often and healthy

9. Change your perception about willpower

10. Give yourself a backup plan

11. Reward yourself

12. Forgive yourself and move forward

13. Know your weaknesses

For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards. That’s one of life’s great arrangements. If you sow well, you will reap well. Life is full of laws that both govern and explain behaviors, but the law of sowing and reaping may well be the major law. Decide what you want and what you want to accomplish, take a little time, and decide. If the future is clear, the price is easier to pay. Make promise to yourself and start the journey in your life, and start now. Set the goals that will make something out of you,  that you will change for good. The most important is not what you will get, the most important is what you will become.


I am going to write about how to take Action and “Inspiration” , very important subject for us all for athletes and regular people that just want to stay fit or business man or a business woman, everyday life. Everyone needs an inspiration.

Everyone needs ACTION!

First learn the power of purpose , a person who has purpose in life they have something to go for, some meaning, like ” magnificent obsession ” . It doesn’t have to be that dramatic, but you have to have something that will pull you to be the best version of yourself , something that you will do every day, woke up early and stay up late, start pouring on. IF your mind work, your spirit work, your body works in synchronized way, i am telling you, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

If you believe very strongly in something, stand up and fight for it.”

The word, ‘Inspiration‘ comes from the Latin, ‘inspiro‘, which literally means:

    “To breathe into

For example if you read Homer’s Iliad, the gods would often ‘inspire’ the warriors with new-found order, courage, and bravery for battle. This meant the god literally ‘breathed in’ courage into the hearts, lungs, and souls of the warriors.

Where does inspiration come from?

In ancient times — inspiration was BREATHED INTO you by an Divine GOD. For example if you were in battle, and feeling discouraged– God would ‘inspire’ you with newfound energy, breath, vitality, courage, and life.

Take the SAMSON story in the Bible, how samson could alone fight with thousands of soldiers , with a breath of life from the Holy spirit.

 Inspiration doesn’t come from within you– it comes from the God. ( remember the talents that i told you about on the begging on the blog )


Saying you want it bad WILL NOT get you results, but SHOWING you want it bad, WILL! TALKING about it WILL NOT get you results, DOING, IT WILL!You see in life you have a choice. You can either be a spectator, or you can be a participant.Spectators like to talk. Participants are all about ACTION. What separates the successful from the unknown? It’s ACTION. The successful, the champions of life, they what i call TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. They do not hesitate, they do not procrastinate. They do not fear failure. THEY FEAR BEING AVERAGE. They do not fear of Mondays and beginning of the week , they get up early, they see the picture in there head that is very clear of success , and they chase it! Dreams can come true, but dreams need ACTION. But there is a difference between a dream and a fairy tale , there is a difference in a dream and a good idea.

You see, a dream will keep coming back, a dream will not go away.

I don’t care how many years, how many months, how many days, that dream will keep coming back

Whatever you dream you gotta have ACTION, and if not it’s ALWAYS going to stay a fairy tale !

In fact it will stalk you, it will harass you, until you give in and say: “It is now time for me to LAUNCH, it is time for me to step out, it’s time for me to JUMP AND GO FOR IT. They do NOT die wondering what might have been. Sure, they may fail, in-fact they will most likely fail more than the average person, but they keep going, they keep taking massive action because they know CONSISTENT ACTION breeds SUCCESS. I believe you CAN have what you say, but you have to have ACTION.

In fact faith, without works is dead.

The only way YOUR DREAM can become YOUR REALITY is you have to have ACTION. You will never live your dream life by talking about it. BUT, you might just live your dream life by taking massive action toward it.

So Believe! 🙂 Isaiah 58:11

Milos Crnogorcevic


Published by Milos Crnogorcevic

My name is Milos, and I am in martial arts for 20 years, my biggest hobby is book reading and study. I love to help people with things that I write, about life, fitness, and personal development, and faith. If I can help just one person to be better I already change the world.

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