Time is the only thing we cannot control, we cannot stop it or change it. It flows in its course and passes no matter what. Looking at it objectively – time is a measurable size, we can look at it as past, present and future, and its pace of passage is always the same. However, when it comes to being subjective, it always goes differently – depending on what we do, where we are, with whom we are.

Vise man ones said , we create our own demons. So instead to create bad things, use time do create positive and good things. Time in this year 2020 is running slow for some people, for the others its running to fast. But they both have one thing in common , and that is TIME.

The time is here long enough for those who are ready to make use of it. Leonardo Da Vinci 

Don’t waste your time on irrelevant things. Meet new people , talk to everyone, learn new things, build your character, be polite to everyone. Time will come when you will be called, and when that time comes, you have to be wealthy, hmmm not with money 🙂 don’t worry where you are going you will not needed it. You will be praised on memories and joy that you bring to another human being and character that you acquire. On the gates of eternity you will be asked two questions :

  1. Have you find joy in your life ?
  2. Have your life brought joy to others ?

Based on your answers you will know where you gonna head out. So make sure you are doing everything in your power to be happy, and that you love all human beings. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Don’t search for the new job opportunity , and you think that will make you happy. Look within your heart like a child and you will have your answer for happiness. Because only with child heart you will be truly happy.

Time is running out, use it while you still can.

@milosonlinept Milos Crnogorcevic

Published by Milos Crnogorcevic

My name is Milos, and I am in martial arts for 20 years, my biggest hobby is book reading and study. I love to help people with things that I write, about life, fitness, and personal development, and faith. If I can help just one person to be better I already change the world.

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