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Hi friends, this website is about personal development, and the Cornerstone of personal development is faith. Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Foundation for anything in life is Faith. And I would like if I can to help people around me, who are in need of faith and personal development. Please enter your email at the bottom of the page and hit SUBSCRIBE so you can get my blog posts and insights into what I do, for free. You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And soon to come, my Podcast about every topic I write. Stay tuned.

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“Good and inspiring content that calms the soul”.


“Wonderful and honest writing. With a lot of details. And backbone of this site is faith which i really like”.


Good News Blog

Cornerstone- Personal Development

  • Be Strong
    Life on this planet is not easy, it is very nasty place and if you are not aware of the things, the life itself will press you and keep you down permanently if you let it. Nobody can “punch” hard enough, how life can. And to be able to resistContinue reading “Be Strong”
  • PRIDE (the beginning of the end )
    How much is too much Pride ? Let me start with this, God hates a proud person. Yes, as much as he is pure love, He (God) can also hate. A prideful man is a man who thinks and sadly believes that he is doing everything out of his strengthContinue reading “PRIDE (the beginning of the end )”
  • Power of attitude
    If you want to have a firm attitude, you have to study the person of a Lion and Eagle. God, in the Bible, identifies himself to have the character and attitude of two animals. 1st He identifies himself as an Eagle, and 2nd He identifies himself as Lion. Both ofContinue reading “Power of attitude”

Personal Development

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job

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